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It is not a charged
conference if the m=
anager or coach talks
to the pitcher between
innings, during the
pitcher's warmup
throws. If the
manager remains with
the pitcher after the
allowed one minute or
after the 8th throw, a
conference is charge=
A manager or coach is considered to have concluded his visit to the mound when he leaves the
18-foot circle surrounding the pitcher's rubber. When the manager or coach leaves the 18-foot
circle, he must keep going and not return to the mound.
If the catcher or
a= ny other player
goes to the dugout
and then
immediately to the
mound, it will be
considered a visit
to the mound by
the manager.
If the manager or coach goes to the catcher or infielder and that player then goes to
the mound (or the pitcher goes to the infielder at his position) before there is an
intervening play (a pitch or other play), that will be the same as the manager or coach
going to the mound.
In Little
League®, if the
manager c= alls
time and meets
with any
defensive player,
it is a charged
If the defense meets when the offense calls time, it is not a visit if they
break up immediately after the offense breaks up.
It is not a
offensive time
out = if they
meet when the
defense called
time, provided
they break up
when the def=
ense ends their
A Manager can go to
the mound up to 2 t=
imes in an inning to
speak with the
pitcher with 4 times
maximum during the
game= .  If the
Manager goes out to
the moun= d 3 times
in 1 inning to the
same pitcher, the
pitcher must be