San Ramon
Umpires Association


The following Rules of Baseball have been provided to help you in taking your
quizzes for the different divisions of umpiring.  SRUA will use the results of
your tests to help determine if you are eligible to move up to the next division
of umpiring.  For first year umpires taking the AA quiz is mandatory.

Once you have reviewed these rules you can proceed to take your quiz. The
links to the quizzes can be found at the bottom of this page.

Game Preliminaries

Checking bats and helmets in the dugouts

Pre-Game meeting with the Managers

House rules

Starting the Game

Putting the Ball in Play

What is a regulation game



The Batter

Batting out of order

What is a bunt

Definition of Fair and foul balls

The Foul tip

The batter throws the bat (what to do)

The ball hits the batter outside of the strike zone

A batter is out when…

The check swing

The Runner



Awarding Bases

The infield fly rule

The force out

Stealing rules for Majors and Minors

Runner hit by a batted ball

Runner hit by a thrown ball

The Pitcher

What is a legal pitch

The pitch hits the ground before it crosses the plate

The pitch hits the batters hands

How many trips to the mound can the Manager make to the same pitcher

Information on how to take the quizzes

Click on the link for the individual quiz. You will have the option to Open or
Save the file. You will want to Save the file.  Save the file with the File name
being your first and last name, and the level of the quiz (Majors, AAA, etc).
Once you have completed the quiz you will email the quiz to  
There is a link on our home page which will bring up your email with our

Links to the Quizzes

To download the 1st year (AA) umpire quiz click here.

To download the AAA umpire quiz
click here.

To download the Majors umpire quiz
click here.

To download the Juniors umpire quiz click here.

For a review of the Balk rule
click here.