San Ramon
Umpires Association

Umpire Payment, Arbiter Paysheets, and RefPay Information

All pay records will be located in the Arbiter. To verify the games you have
worked log into the Arbiter, go to
Schedule, then under Display click Show All.   
This will show the record of all the games you have worked and will be working.  
If you worked a game alone you will receive approximately 1 ½ the normal pay
as if you worked with a partner.  You must report to us if you worked that game
alone otherwise the umpire who was suppose to work with you will be paid for
working that game, and you will not receive the correct amount for umpiring a
game solo.

If you switched with another umpire to work your game for you, you will need to
report that to us so that person will be paid.

When sending your report you will need to give the game number that is in the
Arbiter so we can adjust accordingly. Send your reports to

At the end of each month you will need to verify the games you worked for that
month. If we do not hear from you after one week past the end of that month
we will assume your records are correct, and the games shown in the Arbiter for
that month is what you will be paid.  Please be sure to check your records
carefully.  There will be no adjustments after paychecks have been sent out. Pay
periods are from the 1st day of the month to the last day of the month.

At the beginning of the first week of each month during the season a Paysheet
will be generated.  You will be able to see your Paysheet by logging into the
Arbiter and under
Payroll go to Paysheets.  Click the All box, and then under
View click the Magnifying Glass icon. This will show the total amount you will be
paid for that pay period.  Under
Games in the Sport and Level column click
Expand All. You will then be able to see the details of the individual games you
have done for that month.

An email will be sent letting you know that the RefPay payment process has been
completed.  The payments will be made on and about the 15th of each month.
In order to be paid you must have a RefPay account.

Here are the instructions on how to setup your RefPay account:

To start, log on to your Arbiter Account.  You will see at the top of the Main
page the “Announcements” section.  Click on the link “RefPay for Officials”.  
When you click the “RefPay for Officials” link you may be taken to another
window  saying that “There is a problem with this website's security certificate”.
Disregard this message and click “Continue to this website”.

Follow the instructions on how to setup your RefPay account. There are different
options on how to be paid.  Be sure to read the different options as there is a fee
to have a check mailed to you, and no fee for direct deposit.

For those who do not wish to give your social security number when making a
NEW account, type in the number 444-44-4444.  This will allow you to continue
to create your account. If you have an existing account log into the Refpay
website, go to Support, and under Messages click new message. In the message
tell them you wish to change your social to all 4's.

If you are having problems setting up your RefPay account you can call the
Arbiter/RefPay support line at: 1-801-576-9436.