San Ramon
Umpires Association

Game Canceling Policy

If you need to cancel a game, you will need to notify the assigner of your situation. The
email to send the info is  Please email the game number that you need

Please look to email the assigner at least 4 days out from the date of the game. The
assigner will take you off the game, and send out an email to all umpires to look to fill
that game by self assigning.  

We ask that when you self assign games please take the time to make sure your schedule
does not conflict with the games you self assign.  When you self assign a game you have
taken on the responsibility to show up to that game.

If we find umpires are consistently taking games, and then canceling those games we will
look to revoke your self assigning privileges. This will be handled on a
case-by-case basis.

Also, if you look to cancel your game the night before your game is to take place, it
better be an emergency.  For our first year umpires we will let the first one of these
cancellations go as you are new to umpiring.  However, if we find that you are doing this
on a regular basis we will look to remove you from umpiring.

For information on our policy for Attendance go to the
Attendance Policy  page on our
SRUA Policies page.