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Field Mechanics and the Strike Zone

Here are some great articles, and videos regarding Basic and
Advanced Field Mechanics for t
he 60 foot diamond.

Please take the time to review all the videos on this page.  Knowing the
rules and how to apply them will make your umpiring experience that
much more enjoyable.

Umpire Overview: Pre-Game to Base Positions
This video includes pre-game, Plate mechanics, Field umpire A, B, and C

Plate Umpire Mechanics
Includes dropped 3rd Strike (Majors and Above).  Please note that the video
shows left arm in front.  If you wish you can keep left arm behind you to

Plays at the Plate
Please use 1st Base extended for plays at the plate.

Basic Strike Zone Theory

Note: For AA the Strike Zone is Shoulders to just Below Knees 2 Balls Outside,
2 balls inside.
Never above the shoulders.

AAA: Armpits to just below knees, 1 1/2 Balls outside, 1 1/2 Balls inside.

Runner Interference

Catcher Interference

Obstruction Part A

Obstruction Part B

Running Lane Rule and Example


The Pre-Game Plate Meeting

Fair/Foul Ball

Batter hit by a pitch

Foul Tip