San Ramon
Umpires Association

SRUA Pay Rates/Umpire Attire/FAQs

SRUA Pay Rate Schedule

Division           Plate           Base        Game Total    Umpire works alone

AA                    $20.00         $20.00       $40.00             $30.00

AAA                  $25.00         $25.00       $50.00             $35.00

Majors             $35.00         $35.00       $70.00             $50.00

Juniors            $45.00         $45.00       $90.00             $65.00

Juniors Gold   $50.00         $50.00       $100.00           $75.00

Umpire Attire

There are requirements for how an umpire looks on the field. At each game we
want 2 umpires to look like a unified team. Positive interaction with team
managers and players happens when the umpires wear the proper clothes also.
SRUA will supply all umpires with hats and shirts that have the proper logos
embroidered on them. These are the umpire attire requirements for all games.

Shoes:  Black color please. Plate umpires in Majors or above should have
protection such as   plate shoes or steel toes. You can hurt your toes if you do
not do this.  

Socks:  Black or Navy Blue.  

Pants: Grey Flannel umpire pants in Majors division and above. Grey pants for
 NO SHORTS OR BLUE JEANS.  Pants should be clean and in good
condition. Shin guards go under the pants. Most Majors and above umpires use
what is called umpire combo pants sold by For minors AA,
AAA you can buy grey slacks at your local department stores.  Make sure that
the pants will allow shin guards underneath.  

Belt: Black  

Shirt: SRUA supplied. Navy Blue with button collar. Shirts must have the
official LL patch on the left sleeve. Chest protectors go under the shirt.  

Undershirt:  Red with the nylon umpire shirts that have the red, white and blue
on the sleeves. Please wear an undershirt since we all share the chest

Hat: SRUA supplied. Navy Blue Combo umpire hat (4 stitch, brim) with

Cup: Required for all male umpires working behind the plate.  

Ball Bag: SRUA supplied.   

Umpire Protective Equipment:

SRUA supplies the following umpire protective equipment at each field. It is
located inside the locked equipment bin next to each field. Please put it back
when you are done with it, do not lay it on the ground next to the bin ? PUT IT
IN THE BIN ALWAYS. Each team manager has a key to the bin. If you notice
any umpire equipment missing or broken please inform the UIC ASAP at Please try to keep everything clean, dry and stored in the
labeled umpire equipment bag.  

Mask with throat guard (always required)  

Chest Protector (under shirt)  

Chest Pillow (over shirt)  Wear either the pillow or protector, not both.

Shin Guards (under pants).

Plate Umpire Equipment

Indicator (used to keep track of Balls, Strikes, Outs, and Innings).

Ball Bag, Plate Brush.


Q. What is the youngest age a person can be to umpire?  

You must be age 12 before April 29 of the year you will be umpiring.  

Q. What are the requirements of an umpire?  

Umpires must be properly trained, equipped and motivated.  

Q. Do umpires get paid?  

Yes. It ranges between $20 and $50 a game depending on which division it is.  

Q. Where are the games played?  

There are fields at Athan Downs, Memorial Park, Pine Valley School, and other
local schools here in San Ramon  

Q. Is training provided to new umpires?  

There are mandatory training clinics on baseball rules and umpire field
mechanics. In addition you are expected to read the rules book.  

Q. Do I have to go to training?  

Yes, if you are a 1st year umpire.  If you wish to umpire higher divisions you
will need additional training.  

Q. When is the training?  

Training begins in Feb., and goes through the regular season.  

Q. How long are the training clinics?  

Clinics range from an hour to a few hours.  Some training you do at home by
reading, and reviewing our website.  

Q. What resources are available to me to learn more?  

We provide a rules book, our website, training clinics, and mentors.  

Q. How many games do I have to umpire?  

As many as you want.  

Q. How many games can I do?  

2 or 3 a week is about the most you can do so as to be fair to the other

Q. Can I umpire if I never played baseball?  

If you have the right skills.  

Q. Can I umpire for SRUA  if I live outside the League boundaries?  


Q. Can I umpire for other leagues also?  


Q. Will I have help?  

There will be two umpires at every game. One will be behind the plate the
other will be in the field.  

Q. What is a Little League Division, League, District, Section, and Region?  

AA, AAA, Majors, J80, J90, Sr. and Big League are Divisions in Little League.  

Danville, Tassajara, San Ramon, Canyon Creek, Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore,
and Granada are Leagues in CA District 57.  District 57 is a District in the
Nor-Cal section of the Western Region of Little League.  

Q. Can I throw people out of a game?  

Umpires may eject players and managers from a game.  

Q. What do I do if the fans yell at me?  

The team manager is responsible for fan behavior so you will ask the Manager
to keep the fan/fans from yelling.  

Q. When is the regular season?  

The playing season is March to mid June. Post-season tournaments are June to

Q. Who do I contact for more information?