San Ramon
Umpires Association

The ArbiterSports On-line Umpire Scheduling Software

Arbiter and Scheduling Information

The Arbiter is SRUA's on-line scheduling software.  All of the games we umpire
are on the Arbiter. You should have received an email from the Arbiter if you
sent in your Umpire application.  Follow all the instructions on the email and
you will be all set to umpire.

There will be 3 scheduling periods for the regular season with each period
being about 4 weeks long. An email will be sent out to all umpires prior to
each period with an announcement that the schedule for the coming period is
available for you to self assign your games.   

How to Self Assign games

To access the game schedule, log into the Arbiter. There are tabs located on
the top of the Main page (Main, Schedule, Payments, etc...). Click the Schedule
Tab, and then click the Self Assign tab.  On the Self Assign page you will see
the Sport and Level area. Click on the level of Baseball you are rated for (AA,
AAA, Majors, etc..) and then click Search. You will then see all the available
games that you are able to umpire. To assign yourself to a game, click [Go] in
the column of the game you want to umpire (there will be a selection for both
plate and base).  Please take your time and confirm you are available to do the
game you are assigning yourself.
Once you assign yourself the game, you
cannot unassign the game and you will have to email the assigner to remove
you from the game.

To start, we ask that you schedule yourself for no more then 2 games a week.
This will allow for all of our umpires the opportunity to schedule themselves
games.  We also ask that you schedule yourself for both plate and bases, not
just bases.   

After the initial scheduling e-mails will be sent out showing what games still
need to be scheduled.  You can then log into the Arbiter and assign yourself
the games you are able to do. If you have previously scheduled yourself for 2
games that week, you can now schedule yourself for a 3rd or 4th game if you

Around 4 days before your scheduled game you will receive an email reminder
for that game. You can also print out your game schedule by going to Schedule,
then under Reports click Schedule and from there you can choose the date
range of the games you want to print.

If you are unable to umpire a game due to illness, etc please try to find a
replacement on your own before contacting the assigner. You can use the
Arbiter’s list of officials which have all of our umpire’s phone numbers to
contact a possible replacement.          

If you have any questions about the scheduling process, please email